Focus On: Health care security

What’s the word on the street?

I highly recommend that healthcare security management professionals in Canada attend Canadian Security’s annual Focus On Health-Care events. The recent 2019 event featured Canada-specific presentations from a variety of subject matter experts in the industry which were educational and engaging, and there was also ample opportunity for networking and one-on-one discussions.” — Sarah Miller, PST, IAHSS Ontario Treasurer

This kind of event is excellent for sharing lessons learned, case studies and valuable information on what the current trends are.” — Suzanne Bernier, SB Crisis Consulting

I learn every time I come to one of these and I’ve been 28 years in this business. It’s the networking and the sharing, and you always get a few nuggets from every presentation.” — David Hyde, security consultant

Events like this are, I think, paramount for a peer-to-peer sharing of information, even if it’s among competitors.” — Mike Burgess, Burgess and Assoc.

Who should attend?

Canadian Security’s Focus On Healthcare Security event is a unique educational platform that brings together security professionals working in healthcare environments with industry experts, technology manufacturers and service providers who cater to their specific market.

The aim of the event is to generate discussion, share information and offer networking opportunities. Participants are encouraged to discuss trends, engage with presenters and colleagues, and learn from one another.

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